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Steger Emergency Management


708.709.0110  | Located at 3035 Lewis Avenue

Chief: Tom Johnston

Deputy Chief: Jason Stevenson

2014 Winter Preparedness Guide

HSEM Volunteer Training & Membership takes place on Sundays at 6 PM at 3035 Lewis Avenue. Learn more here.

A disaster of any kind may interfere with normal supplies of food, water, heat and normal day-to-day necessities. It is important to keep a stock of emergency supplies on hand sufficient to meet your needs for a seventy-two hours (three days). Get a checklist here.

About  Steger Emergency Management

We prepare for:

  • Natural Events Tornados, Floods, Earthquakes, Winter Storms / Blizzards)
  • Biological Events(Asian Flu, Anthrax and other Bio Chemical Hazards)
  • ​Man Made Events (Bombing, Plane Crash, Riot)​
  • Chemical Events (Train Crash with Chemical Leak) 


Red Cross Tornado App

Disaster Assistance for April 2013 Flooding

Steger EMA is a member of "SMART" (Suburban Mutual Assistance Response Team), a 33 member suburban EMA association in Cook and Will counties.